Working with us

Tools & Technology

99Summits specializes in rapid application development for enterprise web solutions. In order to meet the high quality, security, and performance standards our clients expect, we work with technologies that we're experts in and have proven long term support in the market.


Microsoft C# / .NET Core 3.1 are the foundation for everything we build. Every master programmer at 99Summits has worked in C# for at least 10 years. Collectively, we exceed 60 years experience.

C# is an incredibly powerful programming language for developing web applications and desktop applications. With Unity, C# can be used to develop 3D games or VR / AR products.

With the rollout of .NET Core, C# is now cross platform and can be hosted only both Windows and Linux servers. 3.1 is the latest LTS (long-term support) release of this framework.


We take web performance seriously and don't believe in breaking the browser. While we've worked with JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular, each year a new JavaScript framework catches the excitement of "resume driven development" teams.

jQuery strikes a perfect balance for us. It makes developing for multiple browser much simpler than native JavaScript while also being lightweight (30kB compressed).

MariaDB or Microsoft SQL Server

The majority of applications are best suited to relational databases. We use Microsoft SQL Server for clients that already have a SQL Server footprint or want to host the database using Azure PaaS databases. For other clients, we use MariaDB because it's free, open source, offers great performance, and can be hosted on both Windows and Linux servers.

MongoDB or Azure Cosmos

For some applications, however, a NoSQL / document database aligns better with the data store requirements of the application being built. In those instances we build with MongoDB. MongoDB is also free and can be hosted on Windows and Linux servers. Azure Cosmos offers a PaaS service with Mongo interfaces for those that prefer not to manage their own database infrastructure.

Additional Expertise

We have extensive experience working with Azure and AWS from both a PaaS and IaaS perspective. We've also built many products that inteface with Azure DevOps, Microsoft's ALM suite.

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